APR vs. Interest Rate in Canada

How the interest rates on easy loans Canada are determined

If you’re looking for easy finance loans or easy financial loans, you may want to know how the interest rate on your easy home loans is determined.

Credit score

The credit score numerically represents your record over your life when it comes to paying your debts, from college loans to your credit cards. Your credit score is used by mortgage lenders to gauge your reliability when it comes to paying off your loan. As a general rule, those with high credit scores are rewarded with a lower rate of interest, whereas those with low credit scores receive higher interest rates. A credit score of 850 is perfect; 700-759 is good, and 650-699 is fair.

Down payment and loan amount

Mortgage lenders offer lower interest rates to buyers who invest in larger down payments for their homes, the mortgage lenders assuming less risk under these circumstances. If you don’t offer a large enough down payment, not having the money to do so, you will, in all likelihood, be asked to pay PMI (private mortgage insurance), an extra fee, paid monthly, whose purpose is to mitigate to the lender the risk of your defaulting on your loan. Depending upon your individual circumstances or type of mortgage loan, the mortgage insurance, and closings costs may also be included in your mortgage loan.

Location of your home

The location of your home can also have a bearing on the interest rate, driving it up or down.

Fixed rate mortgages or variable rate mortgages?

Another question that homebuyers have to ask is whether they should opt for fixed-rate mortgages or variable rate mortgages.

Variable rate mortgages also referred to as adjustable rate mortgages and VRMs, are appealing because their interest rates are usually lower than the interest rates of fixed-rate mortgages. Having said that, there is a big drawback to them as well, the drawback being that there are tremendous risks involved since the interest rate could go up or down without warning.

To know if a variable rate mortgage is right for your purposes, the quickest way is by asking yourself and determining whether or not you can afford for the interest rate to rise.

You need to assess your present income, your earnings, as well as how much potential there is for you to increase your earnings, and whether or not they will be substantial enough to face increases or decreases in the interest rate.

You must proceed with caution, being aware of the risks involved, not making a final decision until you are fully informed.

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