Blu Prosecco Spumante

Veneto, Italy

Veneto is among the foremost wine-producing regions in the world, renowned for the quality and quantity of its grapes. The region has more than 20 DOC zones and a variety of sub-categories.  Many of its wines – dry and spumanti – are known and valued internationally.

Tasting Notes

Blu Prosecco is the best expression of Cantine Riondo’s skill in producing fine sparkling wines.

Blu presents fresh and intense aromas of pear, peach, wisteria and hints of citrus aromas. It’s a perfect balance of acidity. Its concentrated fruit and residual sugar please the palate, creating an inviting union with a lively sparkle that makes this prosecco perfect for every occasion.

Vintage Note

This wine is non-vintage, which allows us to make blends from an assortment of lots to create the best possible wine year-to-year.

Variety Blend

100% Prosecco DOC


pH  3.1   TA 5-7 g/l   Alc 11% by vol.


From the family vineyards of the members of the Colli Group, Veneto, Italy.



2 thoughts on “Blu Prosecco Spumante

    • Thank you for your question. As you know, spumante means larger bubbles vs. frizzante which means smaller bubbles. Our Blu is a prosseco spumante, and you’re right, it’s not on the front or back label. I will ask the person behind this brand and let you know the outcome. Until then, please check us out on Facebook at riondousa@facebook. And thanks again for the heads-up.

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